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Here you will find a listing of links and other sources for parts, tools and interesting websites that I think are useful. They are in no particular order.
I do check the links for validity periodically, but they may not be valid at any point in time.


2011 HDT Rally

Electrical Parts, Tools, Appliances and Education
  •       lugs, fuses, fuse holders, shrink wrap, shunts, transfer switches, Trimetric 2020 battery monitor. Most any electrical part to install inverters and solar, and lots of unusual other parts. They generally have the best prices and inventory.  
  •   marine wiring components, fuses, circuit breakers, etc. I particularly like the shore power connectors they have. Great for shore power into a truck, for example.
  • Whirlpool (Model EL02PPXMQ)  refrigerator. A small 120-volt refrigerator useful for adding to an HDT. It's virtue is low amp draw - 1.1 amps. Will chill sodas to ice-cold in about an hour. Available at Lowes.
  • electrical parts. A little pricey, but generally high quality. Best to use their catalog since the website is hard to navigate. Also have high output alternators, combiners, isolators, etc.
  •  all things welding. Good for colored welding cable for inverter installation. Also  lugs, although I prefer the mega lugs available through Solarseller's. Reasonable price on cable if you can not get it locally. 
  • my favorite source for battery isolators. Check the BIC-85150A for around $150.
  • source for isolators and autoswitch for managing multiple battery banks. Excellent educational info as well.
  •  find info on the Trimetric and Pentametric battery monitors here, and general education on monitoring batteries.
  • Mark Nemeth's technical articles include a good tutorial on 12-volt system basics. 
  • website of Rick Barber. This section contains a collection of different articles on upgrading older converters to modern converters. Specifically, changing out a Magnetek 6300 series to an Intellipower 91xx series with Charge Wizard. Some of the best info on the web on this topic.
  • Bob Hatch's website describes converting a 30 amp RV service to 50 amps. It is a good read, and will help you understand how this all works.
  • describes the basics of RV and residential electrical systems as they pertain to RV use. Also a nifty tester that you can build to test 50 amp RV receptacles. Very good site.
Battery Info
Solar Panels and Systems
  • Northern Arizona Wind and Sun. One of the better solar sites for education info. Also have reasonable prices on many items. Their forum is a good place to search for answers.
  • Tom and Patty Duffy run this solar business. You can get personal, hands-on interaction with them to help with system design and general questions. They sell all the major solar components and their prices are very competitive. You need to check here before buying, because they are usually as cheap as anyone, with MUCH better service. SERVICE COUNTS!!
  • John Palmer's website. John sells, services and installs solar systems, inverters, etc. If you need an installation I recommend him if you are in the FL area.
  • Packaged systems. Some education material.
  • High quality packaged systems. Probably the best systems package available for strictly solar stuff. Highly recommended.
  • Very helpful people. If you have technical questions you can call them.
  •  Mac McClellan's website contains a nice description of his electrical modifications to his motor home. Including system sizing, and efficient boondocking techniques. And lots of other interesting stuff. Plus,  if you need a job, he can find it for you!
Truck Stuff
Truck Painting
  • Body Shop Manager Mike Carter at Warner Truck Shop, Salt Lake City.  The phone number is 801-978-8070. Dennis Wilkins had his 770 painted there.
  • Fleet Painting Service & Trailer Repair
    4958 Old Marlboro Rd.
    Sophia, NC 27350

    Phone 336-861-1387

    Ask for Randy the owner. Be patient he is not always by the phone and you may have to call back.

    Tell him Dave from DE sent you and your one of the HDT RV haulers.
Journals and Blogs of Fulltime RVers
These are my favorites....
  • Howard and Linda gave it all up young and hit the road in July 2005. A fulltiming website for people thinking of fulltiming.
  • RV-Dreams Daily Blog The blog that goes with the website
  • Tioga and George are probably the most famous RV bloggers.
  • Mark Nemeth was a fulltime RVer for 5 years before settling in the Livingston,TX area and taking a job for the Escapees RV Club. His site contains a variety of info, pics, journal, technical articles, etc. Just about everything to help with the fulltime lifestyle.