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We are often asked about Escapees RV parks. We think the nicest park in the Rainbow Park system (owned by Escapees, rather than co-op) for "travellers" is the Summerdale, AL park. Here is a YouTube video of the park from the air.

North Ranch RV Lot

In January of 2006 we bought an RV lot in the Escapees North Ranch RV Park in Congress, Arizona. This is a deeded lot, 55'x75', with an L-shaped concrete pad that wraps around the fifth wheel. We have a 12'x12' shed with a washer (no dryer required - this is the desert) and utility cabinets. The lot is "zeroscaped" with stone, so there is virtually no maintenance.

Congress is a small town just north of Wickenburg, AZ. Wickenburg is a small, true western town - not a tourist town - about 45 minutes northwest of Phoenix, and about 45 minutes south of Prescott. One of the attractions of North Ranch was that it gives us a winter base that is a half day drive from just about anywhere in the southwest - Vegas, Laughlin, Lake Havasu, Quartzsite, Yuma, Tucson, Sierra Vista, Tombstone, etc are all an easy drive from Congress.

We purchased this lot mainly as an investment. We don't plan on sitting still any time soon. Yearly "carrying" costs on this lot are relatively low. Taxes, HOA fees, sewer and water add up to under $600 a year, so we can afford to not use the lot if we choose to skip a winter in AZ.

When we are not using it, this lot is for rent. Contact us for details and prices.

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Retama Village - Mission, Texas RV Lots

In April of 2007 we agreed to purchase an RV lot in a newly developing RV Village in Mission Texas - sight unseen. 

Retama Village is a brand new upscale 55+ adult community. It is oriented towards the active adult RVer. Eighty-nine deeded RV super-sites and compact single-family homes make up Phase I of the gated and walled community. Lush landscaping, a spectacular community center and pools complete the package. Restrictive covenants ensure the quality of the Village: there are no park models, permanent RV's, skirted RV's, RV's with rooms built off them, or un-approved "sheds".
Located within thousands of acres of wildlife habitat, and immediately adjacent to the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park,  the World Birding Center (, and the North American Butterfly Association park, Retama Village offers nature lovers unlimited opportunities. 
Weather in the "Valley" (which is what the Rio Grande valley is referred to) is about the same as slightly north of Miami, FL. Average daytime temperature in January is a balmy 68 degrees.

RV sites are a minimum of  40' x 80' with a 12'x20' Coach House. There is concrete parking and patio space at each site, along with lush landscaping. All sites have free wireless internet access and basic cable TV is available at an additional charge. High speed cable Internet access is also available. Phase II RV sites are larger at 45' x 90+', with a larger 12' x 24' Coach House. If you want to see what you can do to turn a 12x20' "shed" into great living quarters take a look at It's Only A Shed.

We finally got down to Mission and onto the lot in October 2007. After being "in residence" for awhile, having discussions with the developer, and watching the lot sales track record, we purchased a second lot, and a month later a third.

We like the "Valley" a lot, having spent time there in the past. We previously looked for investment property in the Valley but could not find anything that we believed would appreciate in an above average fashion.  We also did not like the "typical" deeded lots that had no restrictions or covenants. This resulted in communities with undesirable characteristics, in our opinion, and kept property values depressed. Retama Village is the first deed restricted, upscale RV community in the Valley. As such, it met our investment objectives. So far, our faith in the potential increase in property values has been affirmed.

All of our lots can be rented. If interested you can view additional information and availability on all the rental lots in Retama Village on the Retama Rental site. Of course, we would like you to rent one of OUR lots, so please look at 3911 Lark, 4011 Lark and 4105 Lark first. If we do not have what you need, take a look at the rest of our friends lots. Retama Village Rental Site.

Lot 28 (3911 Lark) is for sale. For further information  Lot 28 For Sale. You can download a plat of Retama Village that locates our lots here.

Our Picasa Albums contain additional photos of Retama Village. If interested you can view them here. There are additional albums on the clubhouse area.


Lot 22 - Our Second Lot

This lot has an epoxy coating on it. Very nice finish.

Lot 22

Landscaping and grass is part of the maintenance fee

Lot 28

Our first lot. Note the patio space available between the Jeep and Coach House

Lot 28

The concrete is 75', front-back

Lot 28

Lot 28


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